Friday, January 28, 2011

I promise these are going to start coming out faster!! I am settling into a better schedule now.
I am really excited to see word of my project starting to spread. Many people are checking the blog and I am getting submissions of dogs from people who heard about the project from a friend. Some heard it from a friend who...heard it from a friend who submitted a dog. I feel like we are creating a network of people who share an interest in art and love dogs. Thats great and I hope it grows, I find people who love dogs and people who appreciate art share many other fine qualities!
So lets all keep it up, ok? Keep talking to people about the project and direct them to me in whatever way possible! I am getting phone calls and texts and emails and facebook messages about peoples animals. If you know anyone with a dog just mention the project to them, if they ask more tell them my name or give them my email. They can find it through my website, by googling my name, searching me on facebook etc. I am busily trying to get the word to some venues that will reach larger audiences and increase interest in the project. I hoping for dog magazines and dog related websites and organizations to give me a small shout out and let more people know. Please remind everyone that when an original painting is sold a % of the profits go to the Big Island Humane Society.
I really think we can get 150 people to submit dogs and have a real animal and family behind each portrait. For me this will make each painting that much more special, and will make the collection of work represent an actual community of dog owners, linked by this small project.
Anyway thanks again everyone for your continued support!!
Heres a French Bulldog named Tuco...