Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hi everyone!
I recently placed craigslist ads in several major "dog cities" around the country and I am getting flooded with emails and dogs. Its wonderful! I have around 60 breeds locked in, plenty of material for painting.
I am feeling a little overwhelmed though. It takes a couple hours a day just to correspond with everyone and answer emails. I am missing phone calls and having to turn down other work to save time for painting. My girlfriend is having dreams about dog paintings.
I am not complaining, this is the most fun Ive ever had making art. Its so rewarding to have so many people interested and sending in the dogs. I am learning so much about breeds and about how much people really love their dogs. The only part I dont like is that I am getting submissions so fast I cant keep the list updated and I am getting doubles of some dogs, meaning I have to say no to some people. Its really hard to do, I would love to paint everyones dog but I just cant.
So if I turned you down, please dont write me off! I will do more projects in the future and I will keep your beautiful pets in mind when I do. Specifically I have received around 10 pit bulls, so I may do a series of just pits.
Also if I havent returned your email, or phone call (sorry Ma!) please know that I have not forgotten you and I am not ignoring you! I will get back to you, I am just swimming in a sea of dogs and paint right now! More dogs later today!!
Mahalo and Aloha everyone!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello everyone!
I have been pretty busy with life lately, and it looks like things are going to keep up for awhile. We have four guests coming to visit us next week so Im not sure how much painting I can squeeze in. I am going to try to keep up though, as I feel like I should have more work done than I do at this point. I am still confident I will make my deadline, not to worry. I am feeling like a lot of things are getting neglected, I havent been returning calls or emails as promptly as I would like and I have needed to cut my hair for a couple of weeks now! But we are still finding time to recreate and go to the beach, walk the dogs and enjoy life. I feel like as long as I can do that, make art and pay the bills I am winning. 
I am really stoked to announce that the Big Island Humane Society is officially on board with the project and two of the wonderful staff members there are already helping me get the word out. I will be donating a custom portrait to their Tropical Paws fundraiser in May, and hopefully that will help raise awareness of the project. Together we are working on ideas to generate submissions and interest. 
The network we are all building with the Canine Portrait Project is still growing. I am getting one or two dogs submissions daily, minimum. Some days more. The submissions are staying well ahead of my painting! The response has been overwhelmingly positive and I am constantly getting good feedback about the work Ive already done. I am still loving every second of painting and am honored to be working with so many dedicated pet owners. I get a deep sense of satisfaction knowing I have painting subject matter to last a long while and that people are anticipating the work. Its very fulfilling and I appreciate everyones involvement on every scale. 
 No painting to post right now, I just wanted to check in. I hope everyone is having a great week and that my mainland friends and family are staying warm!! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Please welcome Pablo, the Spanish Mastiff.....he is no longer with us, and I am told he weighed 205 lbs when he passed away. Below the painting is a picture of him as a 3 month old puppy. (!!!)  I guess he lost a lot of the black as he grew.